Sunday, January 13, 2013

Challenges of the Elderly


Complete this task on your Blog.
1. Research and find 3 Pictures of PLACES.
2. Write the 2-3 ACTIVITIES at the place.
3. If the activities is carried out by the elderly, will it pose as a CHALLENGE? Write down the DIFFICULTIES/CHALLENGES faced.
4. Post the Pictures, Activities and Challenges in your blog.


Activites: Cooking of meals, Cutting of Fruits, Washing of Utensil
1. The Elderly may forget that he/she is cooking(boiling of soup) and doze off while watching TV program.
2. The floor can be slightly wet after the elderly finished washing the utensil. The elderly may slip and fall.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Design and Technology Blog & Picasa Web Account

Dear Students of 3N2,

Design and Technology Blog
The first task before embarking on the "The Elderly" project is to creat a blog. The blog is a portfolio which stores all the works completed during Design and Technology lessons.
Please follow the steps when creating your blog.
1. Go to Blogger.
2. Sign up a blogger account. You will need to have a gmail account.
3. Create your personal Design and Technology blog address, using the following format. 2013-3N2-YourName-DesignNTechnology.
4. Once your blog is created,post the address of your blog using comment.

Picasa Web Account
1. Go to PICASA.
2. Sign up a PICASA WEB account using the same gmail account. This account is used to save pictures so that they can be uploaded to your blogger account when completing the required task.
Thank You.
Edwin Lim